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My name is Debra Berg. I am an experienced bilingual psychologist specialized in individual, couples and EMDR therapy.


Debra Berg

Licensed. EMDR certified.

Two offices in the greater city of Paris
❶  7 r. Edgar Quinet, Malakoff (92240)
❷  23 av. George V, Paris (75008)


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Why Come Into Therapy

Individual therapy

To relieve anxiety and stress, to cope with panic attacks, to alleviate insomnia, to overcome phobias, to heal from burn-out, to come out of depression.

To handle the ordeals of life such as break-ups, mourning, unemployment, relocation, among others.

To better comprehend and handle difficulties in relationships.

EMDR therapy

To treat traumatic or painful experiences using EMDR, more quickly than with traditional therapy.

Big “T” Traumas : physical or moral violence, sexual abuse, serious illness, severe accidents, death, fire, natural disaster, terrorist attack, war…

Small “t” traumas : difficult childhood, fertility treatment, miscarriage, abortion, mourning, harassment, robbery…

Benefits Of Therapy

Therapy is a special helping relationship which will allow you to better deal with whatever difficulties you encounter in your life.
  • Connector.

    Learn to put emotions into words

    Manage emotions. Better understand and improve interpersonal relationships.

  • Connector.

    Reinforce your self-esteem

    Find resources within you and around you.

  • Connector.

    Take care of yourself

    Develop a more coherent lifestyle. Improve your self-confidence.

  • Connector.

    Become aware of your desires

    Evaluate your expectations. Set goals realistically and accomplish them.

Satisfied Patients

“I felt our work together was the most productive activity I have ever undertaken to move forward with my personal issues and problems. […] I have, and will continue to recommend Debra to many people.”M., executive assistant, 62 years old

“I was really lucky to have found you at that specific point in my life. Having a therapist who speaks English and who knew how to make me comfortable enough to open up made all the difference.”K., English teacher, 39 years old

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