About me

My name is Debra Berg

I’m a psychologist. My private practice is in Malakoff, a suburb of Paris, and I also work at the Counseling Center at the American Cathedral. I’ve been working in France for 36 years. At first I worked in psychiatry with mentally ill adults, and 26 years ago began my private practice in clinical psychology.


Why consult with me

You come in because something is bothering you. I call it a “presenting problem”. In order to help you, I ask lots of questions and try to understand what the source of the problem is. Just talking about it may already be helpful to you. I learn a lot from very carefully observing and listening to you. We look at various sources of information, such as your feelings, thoughts and behaviors, so you can learn more about yourself.

In fact, the way you relate to me may be quite similar to the way you relate to others. Our therapeutic alliance will develop within a stable framework so that you can trust me, allowing me to offer you feedback including personal non-judgmental comments about yourself. This setting will be a springboard for enhancing your relationships outside of the therapist-client relationship.

This will not happen overnight though. Therapy is an ongoing process. When you conclude therapy, you will have largely resolved the difficulties that brought you in. Beyond that, you will have developed your own strengths to handle, without my help, new challenges that will arise in your life.

With what approaches and techniques?

First I received a degree in occupational therapy in the USA. I then earned my degree in clinical psychology from the University of Paris VII. Following that, I learned the art of therapy with French, British and American colleagues. To maintain good quality service, I engage in ongoing learning through regular contact with colleagues, courses, reading and professional discussion groups. Some of the therapy approaches I use include “object relations” (psychodynamic) and “systemic theory”, often called family therapy. I also use cognitive and behavioral tools, as well as EMDR.

It's time

Let's talk about what's on your mind.

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Whom I have worked with

Counseling Center at the American Cathedral

At the Counseling Center at the American Cathedral I offer psychological help to the English-speaking international community as well as to French speakers.

American Embassy

The American Embassy refers employees for counseling or therapy.

European Space Agency (ESA)

At the European Space Agency (ESA), I offer consultations to employees from the international European community.

Corentin-Celton Hospital

For several years, I saw high-risk French patients for short-term psychotherapy sent to me by A.S.D.E.S. Public Health Network based at the Corentin-Celton Hospital.


Parson’s School of Design and the Cité universitaire have sent me students who needed help.

Hundreds of patients in private practice

For over 25 years now, in my private practice, I have helped hundreds of patients from all walks of life to solve their problems and improve their lives.


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