Services & Fees

Individual therapy

Benefits of therapy

  • Connector.

    Learn to put emotions into words

    Manage emotions. Better understand and improve interpersonal relationships.

  • Connector.

    Reinforce your self-esteem

    Find resources within you and around you.

  • Connector.

    Take care of yourself

    Develop a more coherent lifestyle. Improve your self-confidence.

  • Connector.

    Become aware of your desires

    Evaluate your expectations. Set goals realistically and accomplish them.

Therapy is a special helping relationship which will allow you to better deal with whatever difficulties you encounter in your life.

What you’ll achieve in therapy

Relieve anxiety and stress, cope with panic attacks, alleviate insomnia, overcome phobias, heal from burn-out, come out of depression.

Handle the ordeals of life such as break-ups, mourning, unemployment, relocation, among others.

Better comprehend and handle difficulties in relationships.

Get the help you need

so you can feel better and improve your life.

EMDR therapy


Treat traumatic or painful experiences using EMDR more quickly than with traditional therapy.

Big “T” Traumas
Physical or moral violence, sexual abuse, serious illness, severe accidents, death, fire, natural disaster, terrorist attack, war…

Small “t” traumas
Difficult childhood, fertility treatment, miscarriage, abortion, mourning, harassment, robbery…

When our brain is overwhelmed by a traumatic shock, it does not process information as usual. The brain gets blocked around the incident, even though we may be unaware of it. EMDR unblocks the natural mechanism of information processing so that the trauma can be treated, even many years after its occurrence.

What EMDR helps you address

Trauma. Relationship issues. Work-related stress. Performance anxiety. Self-esteem problems. Depression. Grief. Eating disorders. Phobias. Anxiety, panic attacks. Post-traumatic stress. Accidents & injury. Physical & sexual abuse. Rape & violent crimes.

How does EMDR work

Process emotionally painful and traumatic experiences faster than with traditional therapy. Memory reprocessing is facilitated so that the negative content is neutralized. There is no hypnosis. You stay awake and alert during the process, which helps move from emotional distress to a sense of peace.


Unblock what's been keeping you back.

I am a certified EMDR therapist and have helped my patients overcome many of the problems and trauma above.

Couples therapy

Benefits to you directly

Reduce blaming. Handle conflicts effectively. Move beyond anger and resentment. Enhance intimacy and sharing. Make a good relationship better.

Benefits to your couple

Get immediate feedback. Modify destructive behavior. Take a step back and identify your problems. Foster dialogue. Enhance mutual understanding and trust. Strengthen your bonds to one another.

Related topics

Premarital counseling. Family therapy. Parenting. Multicultural families & couples. Separation & divorce. Infertility.

Communicate more openly & honestly

Overcome persistent arguments and gain a new understanding of where your spouse, children, parents and siblings stand.

Fees, reimbursement & coverage

Reimbursement and coverage

In France, various types of therapies – physical therapy for instance – are covered by Social Security (la Sécurité Sociale), though psychology consultations and psychotherapy are not.

However, you may have coverage for counseling or psychology consultations with your private insurance company (mutuelle privée). You need to contact your insurer to enquire about what the reimbursements will be and bring in the forms which I will fill out for you. Depending on your insurance plan, your coverage may be very good.

The service you provide as a psychologist is a little pricey if there aren’t any results. And priceless if the results are positive.A grateful patient

Will therapy be worth it?

Consultations with a psychologist and psychotherapy services in France are not reimbursed by Social Security (la Sécurité sociale) and admittedly fees can seem to be high, especially for the French population used to having most of their medical bills reimbursed.

Nonetheless, if your problems are bothering you to the point that you cannot live and function well, you should consider seeing a psychologist.

Together in therapy, we will aim for you to make as much progress as possible. Our common goal is for you to address your personal issues, to improve your relationships and to overcome trauma.

So, if you resolve the concerns that brought you into therapy, it’s worth it. Therapy may be beneficial to you quickly, as well as in the long run. You may need to have other life experiences to better appreciate the insight gained and changes made through therapy.

Frequency and approaches used

Usually, therapy takes place on a weekly basis. However, frequency may be adapted to best suit your needs. Therapy may be short-term or longer for you to meet your objectives.

Approaches used: Cognitive-behavioral, Family/systemic, EMDR and/or psychodynamic therapy.


These will vary depending on your need for individual, couples or EMDR therapy.

Please call to determine your needs: